Vegucated – The Movie

Marisa Miller Wolfson of Get Vegucated

Marisa Miller Wolfson

Vegucated is a documentary movie, directed by American filmmaker Marisa Miller Wolfson that explores the health-giving ideas of a vegan diet.

GetVegucated.Net is a fan site written by me, a life-long vegetarian and aspiring vegan. For the official Get Vegucated website, simply click the link. The documentary was officially released on September 10th, 2011 by being shown at the Toronto Independent Film Festival.

Get Vegucated: Summary of the Vegucated Documentary

The movie describes itself as a “guerilla-style documentary”. It follows the path of three cheese- and meet-loving residents of New York for six weeks as they explore vegetarian and vegan options of living.

Their original motivation may have been┬áto lose weight or regain their health, but they soon discover the global implications of not eating meat and avoiding animal products. The “secret” side of agriculture, as exposed by movies such as Food, Inc make them wonder if the real answer is a step beyond what is explained.

It doesn’t take long before the three guinea pigs find themselves at odds with the meat and animal food industry they supported just weeks before. It’s certainly true that knowledge can change lives, and this is certainly what is happening here.

As many life-long vegetarians and vegans know, it’s a lot easier following these paths in the comfort of your own home. You soon find the right places to shop and avoid the wrong. But what happens when you go away? How do parents and relatives figure in your vegan plans? What about eating out? Breakfast buffets, “secret” and hidden ingredients, and so on?

Vegucated has a lot of laughs and comedy is a big part of the movie, but behind the laughs there’s a social documentary screaming to get out. Enjoy three people’s struggle as they attempt to come top terms with their ethics, their emotions and their struggle to eat the right things. Maybe the time has come for all of us to “Get Vegucated”!

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